Man of God Sorin

Sorin Eusebiu Ciceo is the pastor of Hope in Christ Ministries Romania. Born on December 21st, 1984 in the city of Timisoara in the western part of Romania, he grew up following different directions in life in sports and business area, before discovering God’s call for his life.

Though he sought purpose and fulfillment in life in the outer activities and works, only when he discovered God’s undeserved grace and calling, purpose, peace, and satisfaction were settled in him.

As he came in contact with the Word of God and the Christian background from his country in his middle twenties, his hunger and thirst was to see the Bible becoming alive for “There was no way for God to declare one thing in His word and cancel it afterward”, as he said.

The power to live holy, victorious over Satan’s snares and traps, the power to live free from sin and guilt, the power to deliver and heal and set free the oppressed, the power to say “No” to sin and “Yes” to righteousness, though was very much present on the pages of the Scriptures, became his most wanted desires and goals for his life.

Because God Almighty knows and hears the prayers and the cries of man’s heart, at His appointed time through divine revelation, He called the man of God Sorin to learn His ways under the mentorship of Prophet Harry in the SCOAN Thessalonica, Greece. There he was taught that the processing is greater than the result and that character is the divine oil that keeps the anointing of God in a person’s life burning. Alongside his wife and other many people from all over the world, he denied his comfort and ‘safe’ lifestyle in order to be a partaker of a unique kind of training to build character. After receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit, God started to use him in healing, deliverance, and prophetic utterances under the supervision of his mentor. God does not look after perfection but for availability when He calls.

“Everyone has a calling. If you follow the direction of your calling, you will surprise yourself, you will astonish yourself – you will make a difference in your world for Christ Jesus”.